Hidden History – One Year

Hidden History came out a year ago today! 🎂
Thanks to everyone who’s grabbed a copy and listened over the past year.
If you haven’t heard it check it out here;
Cheers 😎


New Year’s Sale

Hope you are looking forward to the New Year. We have a New Year’s sale on our Bandcamp page. The offers we have are:

– 60% off our whole Discography https://lessthannothing.bandcamp.com/

– Only £2 for Full album “It Will Set You Free” or £2.50 got the CD https://lessthannothing.bandcamp.com/album/it-will-set-you-free

– Only £1 for our first EP “Too Little, Too Late” https://lessthannothing.bandcamp.com/album/too-little-too-late

Please take a look and grab a release you like! We’re. hoping to have a new Less Than Nothing album fully recorded over the next year, more gigs and more Exiled Record limited releases throughout 2018


Happy New Year, have a great 2018!



Leftlion review of Hidden History

Hidden History review in Leftlion Magazine
This months issue of Leftlion Magazine, Nottingham’s online and printed cultural magazine, includes a review of our Ep Hidden History. The favourable review which states “..offers some of the band’s best material yet.” and “This EP will leave you wanting more.” written by Matthew Williams, can be found online here.
The printed version of the magazine is available for free around the city of Nottingham and the Nottinghamshire area, you can find them in Cafes, Venues, Music shops, Pubs etc.

So a big thanks to Matthew Williams and Leftlion!

Less Than Nothing Hidden History

Hidden History by Less Than Nothing releases on 1st March. Check it out here first. Pre-order on our Bandcamp follow the link below.

Hidden History features

  • Complete Unknown
  • Moving On
  • Erosion
  • Low Tide

The album was recorded at Random Recording Studios Nottingham with Guy Elderfield, mastered by John Braddock and featuring drums from Jonny Aitken.Enjoy!